How can I update the mbNET firmware?


This HowTo explains how you can update the Firmware of your mbNET via USB.

1. Download latest firmware

In order to download the latest firmware version of your mbNET, please go to:

And download the firmware file.


2. Prepare for update

The downloaded and unzipped firmware file (image.bis (HW01) or image.swux (HW02)) may not be renamed and must be stored in the top-level directory of the USB drive.

IMPORTANT: The USB drive must have the file format FAT


3. Update process 

If the mbNET is connected to the power supply and is ready for operation, insert the USB drive with the firmware file
into the USB interface of the mbNET.

As soon as the device has recognized the firmware file:

The LEDs Fc1 + Fc3 start to flash synchronously

Now press and hold down the Dial Out button until LED Fc2 flashes.


The new firmware is now automatically copied to the mbNET. This process can take up to ten minutes.

After the update is finished, the device will reboot automatically and starts with the new firmware version.


IMPORTANT: During the firmware update
- do not push the Reset button
- do not turn off the power supply
- do not remove the USB drive while the update runs



 In rare cases, the design of the used portable USB drive may make it unsuitable for this procedure. In this case, please use another USB drive.


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