What must be considered if I want to access an ethernet component (e.g. PLC)?

If you want to access an Ethernet component (e.g. PLC) via a mbNET, please observe the following generally:

  • The component must be reachable from the mbNET. You must ensure this on the mbNET web interface under "Advanced" ~> "Status" ~> "Diagnostics" ~> "Ping" with a ping-request.

  • The IP address of the component must be in the same Network segment as the LAN-IP address of the mbNET.

Example:          LAN-IP of mbNET: | IP address of the component: =>> Network segment: 192.168.10.X/24

  • It can be possible that you must configure the LAN-IP address of the mbNET as a Gateway on the componet. In this case, it's important to deactivate the function "SNAT" in the Firewall settings of the mbNET, because SNAT replaces the senders IP address of all outgoing (LAN) packages with the LAN-IP address of this router. Therefore, no Gateway settings for any devices behind the mbNET are needed. At some components this SNAT function is technically not possible. In this case, SNAT must be deactivated and the respective Gateway must be configured on the component. You can find SNAT in the device "Administration"  under the menue "Firewall":

  • If possible, please configure a Timeout of 60 seconds at your component. Our tests showing that this is the optimal setting at the most components.
Typ: FAQ Revision: EN-mbconnect24-03-V1.1 Datum: 07.05.2019