3G/4G feature request

Mar 25, 2019
Jacques Bastian wrote
When you running our units with 3G/4G modem it is sometimes better if they could choose a provider and connection type (HSxPA, LTE etc.).

It would be great if we could implement a network scan function that list the providers in reach and select the one of choice. The user should have the opportunity to prevent roaming.

Also selecting the band and connection type and band on which the modem operate (2G, 3G or 4G) as well as parameters that determine when to switch provider or GSM-band.

This should be implemented in the configuration webpage and not just by AT-commands.

I believe that these features will benefit all customers living near international borders or on the edge of a GSM-cell. The connection will switch back and forth between several providers.

When this happens you lose the connection in a non-gracious way.
Also this will happen at random, which will make firmware upgrades a risky matter and could brick the customer’s device. Unnecessary to say that this will happen on the most inconvenient time possible.

This feature will make implementing semi-mobile applications a lot easier.
Think also on harbour security where similar installations are used to control access to sea faring ships. Another application would be entrance control of large festivals and events.

Having said that this is a standard feature on most GSM-modems which are sold.

We already have two customers in the Netherlands who are waitng on this feature request to be implemented as soon as possible.
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