How can I connect to a Siemens component (e.g. PLC or Panel) via TIA?


Please consider the following instructions, if you can not find your Siemens PLC or Panel in the TIA portal or if you want to establish a connection to your component through a mbNET generally:

You have to ensure, that an active VPN connection to the mbNET was already established through mbDIALUP. You may find more information here

1. Connectivity

If your PLC or Panel is connected to the LAN side of a mbNET via ethernet, you must activate „Use router“ (in the „Properties“ of your component under „General“ -> „PROFINET interface“ -> „Ethernet addresses“) and enter at „Router address“ the LAN-IP of the mbNET:

At this example, the PLC-IP is „“ and the LAN-IP of the mbNET is „“.

Please note: The PLC-IP and the LAN-IP must be in the same network address range (at this example: „192.168.10.x“)!

Furthermore, the IP address of the Siemens component must be reachable from the mbNET. You can check that with a „ping“ request on the device webpage:

For mbNET: Under „Advanced“ -> „Status“ -> „Diagnostics“ -> „Ping“:

2. Transfer

To load a project into your PLC or Panel, you must use the button „Load into device“.

Please do not use the „Connect“ button for that!

Please configure as „Timeout“ 60 seconds at the Panel / PLC. Our tests had the result, that this is the optimal setting.

Please note

The next part describes the procderure without the function SEARCHoverIP. You may find more information here

Deactivate the option „Show all compatibles participants“ at the searching menue „Extended Loading“. To search through a mbNET is a technical deadlock.

After you have found your PLC, you can connect to it.

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