Why does the VPN connection of my mbNET fail?

If your device (e.g. mbNET / mbNET.mini) cannot establish a VPN connection to the remote service portal, you can do the following:

Please connect to the web-page of the router to check the "Quickstart".

Under the following URL you can find more information about this: https://helpdesk.mbconnectline.com/en/index.php?type=page&urlcode=967687&title=How-can-I-reach-the-web-interface

You see five steps:

Point 1: Interface overview, General system information

Point 2: Internet connection

Point 3: Port check remote service portal, DNS and NTP check

Point 4: Connection status to remote service portal

Point 5: Connection overview, CTM information

The status symbol next to it shows if everything works correct () or if there is something wrong (). The next part will explain how to troubleshoot if a problem occurs.

1. Internet connection cannot be established (Point 1 and 2)

Possible error causes are:

  • Mobile connection:
    • Please double check the APN settings of your provider, are those entered correctly into the configuration of the router
    • Check the signal strength, if necessary relocate the antenna
    • Make sure that the SIM card has enough balance
    • Assure that the SIM card is active and it is activated for establishing VPN connections, you may have to contact your provider for getting this information
  • Wired connection:
    • The LAN and WAN IP addresses need to be in different subnet ranges
    • DHCP: Make sure that the DHCP server assigned an address to the routers WAN interface
    • Make sure that the router is able to reach the gateway and the DNS server
    • The routers are establishing the VPN connection to our public remote server portal* trough port 1194 (TCP) by default. That means that the firewall needs to be open for that port. As an alternative you can also configure ports 80 or 443 (In the configuration menu "Administration" -> "VPN" -> "VPN Port")
* rsp.mbCONNECT24 EU: IP: | DNS: rsp-vpn.mbconnect24.net
      rsp.mbCONNECT24 US: IP: | DNS: rsp-vpn.mbconnect24.us

2. Problem with the connection to the portal (Point 3)

Make sure that the router is able to reach the DNS-Server. If the DNS-Server is reachable but the resolving of the DNS name won´t work, please contact your IT and check the DNS-Server.

If the port check for the port you have configured failed, please double check if this port is open in the firewall. If needed reconfigure your router and change the used port. 



With the mbCHECK software you can check which ports are open / closed in your firewall generally.
You can download the mbCHECK software here: https://downloads.mbconnectline.com/

3. All points are green, but the connection is still not visible in the portal

Check if you´re looking at the right router and the right configuration in the portal to avoid mixing up the devices. If it still fails, please navigate to point 1 and copy out the extended logging and send it to our support (support@mbconnectline.de).

The procedure takes effect on the mbNET as well as on the mbNET.mini

Typ: FAQ Revision: EN-mbnet-01-V1.0 Datum: 11.10.2017