How can I access different devices behind mbNET /

If you want to reach different devices behind a mbNET /, you have to configure one or more Forwarding rules with a "virtual IP" in the Firewall settings of a mbNET /

For example:

The computer (IP: needs access on two PLCs, with IP address and, through the mbNET /

The mbNET / takes the address assignment from a "virtual IP“ (here: and into a "real IP“ (here: and in the LAN network over. The „virtual IPs“ don't exists in real, but it's important that other devices aren't using the same IP address in the respective network.
Furthermore you must consider that the „virtual IP network“ (here: 172.16.1.x) is in another network segment as the network, from where the access gets initiated (here: 172.16.0.x) and the LAN network itself (here: 192.168.0.x). Additionaly, the WAN IP address of the mbNET / (here: must be configured on the access initated computer as the Gateway.

To configure a Forwarding rule, you must navigate to the device „Administration“ and click on „Firewall“:

With the button you must select "Create new Forwarding“. The Forwarding rule must be configured as follows:


  1. Enter under "Source IP“ the IP address, from where the access gets initiated.
  2. Configure at „Destination IP“ the „virtual IP“.
  3. Set at „Forwarding IP“ the IP addess, which must be reached.
  4. „Forward on all interfaces“ must be activated.
  5. Confirm this settings with the button „Save“.
Please note:

After you have saved this settings in the portal, you must submit the configuration to the respective mbNET /

Due to the fact that the access is ensued on two devices behind the mbNET /, you must configure two Forwarding rules:

This means, for each device which must be reached, you need a extra Forwarding rule for those of them.

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