How can I restore my mbNET to factory settings?

If you want to restore the mbNET to factory settings or you get asked by the support to do so, here is the description how to do it.

ATTENTION: You should first back up your configuration. Once you have carried out these steps, your previous settings will no longer be available.



1. Press the "Reset" button.
2. Wait until LED "Rdy" blinks.                                             

3. Now press and hold the "Dial Out" button  until "Fc4" LED lights up.



4. Press the "Dial Out" button(LED "Fc3" lights up).

5. Press the "Dial Out" button again (LED "Fc2" lights up). 


6. Finally, press the "Dial Out" button one last time that the LED's "Fc4", "Fc3" and "Fc2" goes off.


The custom configuration is deleted now, the industrial router is reset to the factory settings and can be reconfigured.


NOTE: The IP address of the industrial router is reset to The computer’s network settings must be changed accordingly.


Typ: HowTo Revision: EN-mbconnect24-13-V1.0 Datum: 28.02.2018