How can I connect to a Omron HMI / PLC?

Please consider the following instructions, if you want to establish a connection to a Omron NS-series HMI or other Omron devices, such as PLC, through a mbNET / generally:


1. Configuration of the Omron component

The IP address of your component must be in the same network segment as the mbNET /

For example:          LAN-IP address mbNET / | IP address of component: =>> network segment: 192.168.127.X/24

As default gateway you must configure the LAN-IP address of the mbNET / In the next section you can find HowTo deteremine the VPN-IP address 'of your computer'.

2. Determining VPN-IP address for Conversion Table

  • Establish an VPN connection through mbDIALUP, by login into your user account.
  • Open the Command Prompt in Windows (CMD).
  • Type the command 'ipconfig' in and press 'Enter' on your keyboard.
  • Make note of the VPN-IP address at "Ethernet adapater mbDIALUP:". In this example it's 10.0.X.X (X = censored). This is the VPN-IP address of the user, with which you are logged in in mbDIALUP. So, this VPN-IP address will be assigned for the mbDIALUP "TAP-Windows Adapter V9" on your computer. This VPN-IP address is for every user unique. If many users are using the same computer to establish a VPN connection in mbDIALUP, please be aware that the VPN-IP address of a user may change.
  • Add the VPN-IP address of your computer to the Conversion Table. Therefore, configure any unused node address and remember it for the future.

3. Disabling SNAT

To communicate with the Omron component, please deactivate the SNAT function on the mbNET / You can find SNAT in the device "Administration"  under the menue "Firewall":



4. Communication settings for Omron component

Please configure the communication settings for the Omron component as showed in the graphic below:


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