operating outputs of MBnet by web2go

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Mar 09, 2020
Koenraad De Can wrote
it would be a nice feature to operate the outputs of MBnet by a web2go. That way you can activate or de-activate an output over a webpage.
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Jul 23, 2020
Stefan agent wrote
Hello Koenraad,

if you connect to your mbNET webpage using web2go and open the "Administration" Menu, navigate to "Alarm manager > Outputs" where you can see the status of your outputs.
On the same page you´ll find a button called "Toggle output". By clicking this button, it is possible to change the status of your outputs remotely.

I hope this information helps, thank you!
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Jul 23, 2020
4S Industrie B.V. wrote
I make an example here where you could do this also via an dashboard. Off course only after logging in via HTTPS and then navigate to the dashboard (not via directly because of security). I make an example for customer so they could set the output by an smartphone. For mbNET.mini and mbNET.

Best regards,
Dave Stoelinga
4S industrie B.V.
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Jul 24, 2020
Koenraad De Can wrote
Hello Dave

That is interesting. Do you also get a feedback on the dashboard that the output is open or closed?
If you have a link to that dashboard, I look forward to see it.

@Stefan: this is indeed a way, but for some customers or application to difficult to do like that.


best regards