[Nodered Docker] - Additional Non-Public Folder Outside of Docker

May 03, 2023
Roland Klöbl wrote
Our Nodered projects work in a way that they can read their entire configuration from a config file. This config file contains vital information about which modules of the application should be active, and also connection credentials to external services we connect to.

Of course I we don't want this to be accessible to the customers or even to all of our colleagues, since changes in the file itself can lead to serious troubles in terms of seamless execution.

If we perform an update, e.g. of nodered, or we need to rebuild the docker container because of severe faults, this config should survive. Currently, to my knowledge, the /public/nodereduserdata/ is the only folder which is outside of the docker container. However I don't want to use this folder, as it is the folder which is by default accessed if connecting via Filezilla.

I would ask you to include another external folder to the docker image, which will therefore survive docker rebuilds or even container upgrades and which can't be accessed via ftp, but only from nodered itself. Then I could put the config in the /public/nodereduserdata/ folder and the project would then configure itself and copy a backup into the second backup folder and remove it from the public foder. That way the information would be hidden better, and without adapting nodered, which is prohibited in our projects for anyonymous users, you would not have a possiblity to receive the data.

Also the routers could just take a look at the directory after the docker rebuild container, and everything would be able to restart itself.

That would be a very important feature to us.

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