Improve Navigation within the MB Dialup / MbConnect Software

Apr 04 (58 days ago)
Roland Klöbl wrote
When I need to adapt the configuration of several routers of a project via MB Dialup there is no simple way to navigate back from the routers "Admin" page to the projects admin page, where I could select the next router.
It is currently the way that I need to reopen projects, type my project name in the search bar to get the project I want and click it. This all is pretty tedious especially if you just need to execute several simple tasks on each router of a project. A simple button in the router's admin page could do a very big job here in terms of user experience.

The same goes basically for the router dashboard page, because as soon as I open a vpn connection to a router I get forwarded to the dashboard view, so it would also be great to get from this page back to the projects dashboard page.

In general it would be absolutely great if the platform would allow deep links to router and project pages.
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Apr 05 (57 days ago)
Stefan agent wrote
Hello Mr. Klöbl,

thank you for that suggestion. Usually jumping back to the previous page can be done by clicking on one of the previous pages on the top links (In your example "Dashboard > ...). I see however that this is not always the case, especially when you get to a page via a different path as usual, for example when establishing a connection.
Jumping back to the previous main page via a button sounds like a reasonable improvement, we´ll take that into consideration for newer versions.

Always have a look at our changelogs to not miss any new implementations!

Thank you and enjoy your day
Apr 05 (57 days ago)
Roland Klöbl wrote
Hi Stefan,

Thank you very much. Can you share the Link to your changelogs?

Have a nice day
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Apr 05 (56 days ago)
Stefan agent wrote
Hi Roland,

sure, you can find the changelogs for our server versions here: