Which IP / Ports must be open for mbCONNECT24 in the firewall?

The industrial router mbNET / mbNET.mini, the data modem mbSPIDER and the software mbDIALUP are establishing an outgoing VPN connection via one of the three TCP-ports (80, 443 or 1194) to the portal mbCONNECT24. As default, the VPN connection will be established via TCP-port 1194. This port must be released for an outgoing TCP connection in the firewall. So, that the devices and the software are able to reach / connect on mbCONNECT24 via the respective TCP-port. Please note: With mbCHECK sof...

Where can I customize a user's authentication method?

To do this, open the respective user under "Administration > Users" and open his profile settings. Under "Authentication" you can choose between different options: Revision: V1.0

How can I customize my start area after logging in?

To do this, open your user profile and the "Display settings" tab. You can define this under "Start area": Revision: V1.0

How can I adapt the standard VPN port for new devices?

Under "System > Settings > Default Settings", there is the possibility to adjust the port for the VPN connection for newly created routers: Revision: V1.0

How can I change my language?

Open your profile settings. In the "Display settings" tab you can choose between: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Turkish and Chinese Revision: V1.0

How can I switch to a different view?

In the footer, you can switch between the simple and the expanded view from any menu: Revision: V1.0

How can I activate a license code?

1. Login to your account. 2. Open the menu “System”: 3. Open the submenu “In Use/Licenses”: 4. Click on the wrench symbol to open the dropdown menu and click on “Activate new license”: 5. After this menu opened, please enter the License code you can find on your delivery note: 6. Finally, please logout and login again in order to make the changes visible. Revision: V1.0

Where can I find an overview of my licenses?

Please login to your account and navigate to "System > In Use/Licenses". Here you will find an overview of your licenses: Revision: V1.1

What should I do if I forget my password?

Go to your server's login page and use the "I forgot my password" option: Revision: V1.0

How can I restrict access to projects or devices?

In the project or device settings in the "Access" tab, the respective access can be regulated and restricted to certain Clients or Users: Revision: V1.0

What should be considered with the WiFi settings

With a few exceptions, the combination of Authentication Mode WPA2PSK and Encryption Mode AES will be the right one. This corresponds to current security standards. Please note: The entry in the Channel field must always be set to Auto. Specifying a channel number can lead to malfunction. AES is also the suitable Encryption Mode for the Authentication Modes WPAPSK and WPANONE. The Encryption Mode WEP must be selected for the Authentication Modes SHARED, WEPAUTO or OPEN. ...