How can I access the serial interfaces of a mbNET-device using NodeRED?

Accessing serial ports of a mbNET-device.


I want to read and write data to the serial ports of an mbNET.

I want to use the serial-in and Serial-out nodes which are in the default library.

How can I address the serial interfaces so I can send and receive serial data?



The serial interfaces COM1 and COM2 can be addresses by using the following file directives:

/dev/ttyS1 for Com1


/dev/ttyS2 for Com2

See below an NodeRED example on how to send and receive data from and to the serial ports.

You need a Null-modem cable and a serial terminalprogram like RealTerm (

See also the attached file with the Json-code of the flow, which you can import into NodeRED.