Device restart and Factory settings

Tutorial: Device restart and Factory settings

The is delivered with the following factory settings:

  • IP Adress:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: The device password can be found on the back of the

Advice: Change unconditionally and without delay the default login information!

1. Device restart (Reset)

2. Load factory settings


1. Device restart (Reset)

Can be done directly on the device ( using the reset button:

For example, use a paper clip and press the Reset button on the The device will now restart.

The restart is complete once both the "Rdy" and "Pwr" LEDs light up.

2. Load factory settings

If you want to restore the mbNET to factory settings or you get asked by the support to do so, here is the description how to do it.


Before you reset the device to its factory settings, note the following:
- The device must be operational (LED Pwr + Rdy light up).
- The IP address of the router is reset to You may have to adjust the network settings of the configuration computer accordingly.


To reset the to factory settings, proceed as follows:

Click the button Reset once .

Then press Function straight afterwards and keep it pressed down .

After about 60-90 seconds, the Rdy LED starts flashing .

As soon as the Usr LED starts to flash, release the button Function .

When the LED Pwr and Rdy light up, the factory settings have been loaded .


The is now ready for operation and be configured again.


Advice: The IP address of the industrial router is reset to The computer’s network settings must be changed accordingly.


Revision: V1.0