#NR9V1 : OPC-UA & Router Information

Application-Note: #NR9V1 : OPC-UA & Router Information

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This application describes how to create to present the router informations to an OPC-UA Server. That means this application is running a OPC-UA Server and provides all the system tags of the router through OPC-UA that a client can read.

This application does not provide any dashboard. It only exists of the following flow.

Description 1 – Flow

The server is created with all the needed variables as a placeholder. Here you can modify the variables shown in the OPC-UA Server:

Description 2 – setting of the Address space from the server

The Server holds then all the variables which we can overwrite with our mbCONNECT24 node. All the messages coming out from the node are going thru the join node "Join Messages". Here we collect all infomrations together and create one write message inside the node "Create MSG".

The values appear like this in a OPC-UA client:


In our example we use OPC-UA in anonymous mode which is NOT recommended in production use. Use at least "User/Password" or better an PKI with certificates. The OPC-UA Server has the capabilites to set this up:

See below the Flow as a file to Import in your application.