Where to find the mbNET IMEI number.

Each modem has an unique IMIE ( International Mobile Equipment Identity)  number.

The IMEI number can be retrieved from the mbNET and mbNET.mini device web2go page.

You can do this as follows:

  1. Open the web2go page of the mbNET-device:
  2. The IMEI number can be read from the quickstart webpage of the mbNET device:

The mbNET.mini requires an additinal step, namely clicking on the exclamation mark before the IMEI number becomes visible.


SIM card requirements for the mbNET.mini

The following requirements must be met for the SIM card in order to be able to use it in a modem device:

  • The SIM card should be capable of supporting data.
  • SIM card format is "Mini SIM” (ISO/IEC 7810:2003, ID-000 dimensions 25x15x0,76mm).
  • To be able to send SMS messages, your subscription should support SMS-service.

To configure the modem in the portal, you need the following information which can be obtained from your provider:

  • APN (user name and password might be required).
  • SIM Pin if configured.

LED status mbNET.mini

LED-status of the mbNET.mini:

Please see the following link: https://helpdesk.mbconnectline.com/en/index.php?type=page&urlcode=370323&title=MB2V1--Function-and-status-LEDs