Tutorial Summary

This table gives you an overview of the current available tutorials with a brief description.

1. Getting started. Get my router online

This tutorial describes how to setup your account and the router.

2. Remote access to my devices connected to the router (PLC, HMI,...)

This tutorial describes how access any device connected on your LAN interface at the router.

3. Creating Tags, Widgets and Dashboards

This tutorial describes how to setup Dashboards with Widgets and fill them up with data from tags.

4. Organize User/Usergroups/Clients and access management

This tutorial describes how to organize your users together with usergroups and clients as well as access management to LAN components.

5. Creating Alarms

This tutorial describes how-to create alarms and alarmgroups.


This tutorial describes how-to discover facilities of different PLC systems, also over the Internet.

7. Web2go

This tutorial describes the Web2go function.

8. Access via USB

This tutorial describes which access options you have via the USB interface.

9. Components

This tutorial shows how-to handle Components.

10. Router VPN connection

This tutorial describes proposed solutions if the router does not establish a connection to mbCONNECT24.

11. Access to the Internet and devices connected to the WAN interface

Here, tutorials are summarized which show the internet access as well as access to devices which are connected to the WAN interface.

12. WAN to LAN access

WAN to LAN access without mbDIALUP.

13. Let´s Encrypt certificate

Setting up Let´s Encrypt as a free of charge Frontend-SSL-Certificate