Access via USB

Tutorial: Access via USB

This tutorial describes which access options you have via the USB interface.

1. Access via USBoverIP

2. Access via SFTP

3. USBoverIP via WAN interface


1. Access via USBoverIP

With the function "USBoverIP" of the USB port of the device (router) is transmitted or made available directly to the PC of the remote client user.

All devices connected to the USB port on the router device (USB memory, PLC, webcams, etc.) are automatically available on the PC.


If the USBoverIP function is activated, it is neither possible to transfer the configuration file to the device via USB-Stick nor carry out a firmware update via USB-Stick.

Once you disable the USBoverIP function, also the access via SFTP is locked.


  • On the PC, the remote client software mbDIALUP must be installed from V3.6.
  • The appropriate USB device drivers (USB memory, PLC, webcams, etc.) must be installed on the remote client PC.
  • You must use a device (router) that supports the USBoverIP feature - hardware + firmware.

A detailed USB over IP functional description can be found here: -> Manuals -> USB over IP functional description


In the following video you can learn how to set up the to use the USBoverIP function. Access on your USB devices worldwide as they are connected to your PC directly.


2. Access via SFTP

You can connect a USB device (memory stick or USB hard drive) to the USB port of the router and access the USB storage medium via SFTP. To do this, you must select "USB Memory via SFTP" in the USB settings as USB mode:

You need an FTP client to access the USB storage medium via SFTP.

Access via SFTP with the "FileZilla" software is shown as an example here.

Under "Server" please enter the LAN IP address of the router (e.g. sftp://

By default, "ftp" is used as the "SFTP user" and "ftp" as the "SFTP password".

As "Port" select "22" for SFTP.


3. USBoverIP via WAN interface

Use Case:

The USB interface is to be accessed locally via the router's WAN interface. Regular access via mbDIALUP "USB over IP" is not considered in this case.

Prepare the USB interface and Firewall on the router:

Start mbDIALUP and navigate to the router that is to be reached via the local network. You can adjust the interface settings via the "USB" tab (simple view).
In the "Advanced View" you will find this setting under "Projekt>>Router>>Interfaces". The following settings must be made here:

  • Check "Active".
  • USB mode: USB Transparent (USBOverIP).
  • Activate "Allow access through WAN/Modem Interface".

Now the necessary firewall rules have to be added under "Projekt>>Router>>Services>>Firewall":

These settings must be saved and transferred / synchronized to the router.
The router will restart with the synchronized settings.

Eltima driver:

mbDIALUP uses the driver from Eltima for USB access. The software can also be installed separately on the PC / laptop / Field PG. To do this, please use the "USB Network Gate" tool.

     Download Link:


There is a 14-day trial access to the software to test the respective application.

Start the software and switch to the "Remote USB devices" tab. Click the "Add server" button and enter the router's WAN IP address:

The software recognizes the router and the connected USB medium. With a click on "Connect" the connection to the USB interface will be established:

The end device can be reached after a few seconds. In this case, the USB stick can be accessed:


Revision: V1.1