Getting started. Get my router online

Tutorial: Getting started. Get my router online

Getting started with mbCONNECT24.


1. Account setup and login

2. Creating first project

3. Download the configuration to your PC

4. Prepare for Synchronization of the configuration

5. Submit the configuration to the device

1. Account setup and login

Download the mbDIALUP software here and choose the respective server ( EU, US/CAN, AU, CN), afterwards, click on "Register new account". For more information please click here.

2. Creating first project

A project is the highest entity to implement the following tasks:

  • remote maintenance
  • monitoring and generating alarms
  • data-logging
  • visualization

A device (router / data modem) is assigned to a project.  It is possible to assign several devices to a single project, but a device can only be assigned to a single project.

After you have added a device to your account at the rsp.mbCONNECT24 portal, you have to download the configuration to the mbNET device . This can be done in three different steps.

3. Download the configuration to your PC

By clicking "Download to PC" you have the possibility to save the configuration file to a USB stick in order to perform the configuration transfer.

The configuration file is called mbconnect24.mbnx and MUST NOT be renamed. After a device comes online for the first time, the serial number of the device will be entered automatically into the configuration. As soon as a serial number is inserted, the configuration file is encrypted. The configuration file needs to be copied in the root of a USB stick

After the mbNET device is operational (Rdy LED is on permanently), insert the USB stick with the configuration file into the USB-port of the device.

As soon as the device recognizes the configuration file, the LED´s Fc1 + Fc2 start blinking:



Press and hold the Dial Out-Button until the LED Fc3 starts blinking 






Release the Dial Out-Button 


Now, the configuration is uploaded to the mbNET device, which will then reboot.


The mbNET device will try to connect to your account, which will be signalled with a flashing Con LED 



If the Con LED is blinking with a frequency of 3Hz than mbNET is trying to connect to the portal and is the middle of the connection process. If the Con LED is blinking at a rate of 1.5Hz than  the mbNET device has  connected successfully and is has established an VPN connection to the server.

After the configuration file mbconnect24.mbn was downloaded to the mbNET properly, the file gets renamed to Xmbconnect24.mbnx. In this way. The configuration file won´t be recognized again which prevents an accidental second configuration upload.


  • The LED´s Fc1 + Fc2 won´t start blinking after inserting the USB stick:
    • Please make sure that the configuration file has not been renamed (mbconnect24.mbn / mbconnect24.mbnx).
    • Please check if the configuration file is located in the root directory of the USB-stick (Not in a sub folder).
    • Please check if the USB-stick is "FAT" formatted.
    • Please try another FAT formatted USB-stick. variant:

The transfer of the configuration is similar for devices. Please refer to the corresponding manual for this variant:

4. Prepare for Synchronization of the configuration

The Synchronize option is visible for devices that are already connected to the portal and if you have made a change to the configuration.

Here you leave the configuration in the portal for collection by the device.
Once the device is connecting to the portal, the configuration is automatically transferred to the device.

Prerequisite / conditions:

  • The device has a connection to the Internet (WAN, WiFi, Modem)
  • The device has been pre-configured with the connection data
    (Initial configuration using the device surface)
  • a valid server address is registered in the device

Click on the icon  to select the transfer type, and then click "Synchronize".


No further settings are necessary for the basic configuration.
Click on "Synchronize".


Once the device (mbNET / / mbSPIDER) has logged into the portal, the configuration is transferred to the device.
The device is now online.


5. Submit the configuration to the device

For this, the device (mbNET/ must be accessible from a PC on the LAN, irrespective of its LAN IP, and the computer must have a connection to mbCONNECT24 portal.

Make sure that the Conftool is deactivated.


Click the Download-Icon to select the transmission type, and then "Submit to Device".


Now the system performs a scan of all devices connected to the LAN interface (mbNET/ and displays them. If the assignment of the configuration file to the identified device is correct, click on "go >>" to confirm.

In the next window click on „start configuration transfer“.

The settings from mbCONNECT24 are now copied to the device.


If all items have been processed, acknowledge the transfer by clicking the "Finished" button.

If the device (mbNET/ is able to connect to the Internet (e.g. network, telephone cable, SIM card, antenna installed), the device will subsequently log in to your account. This is displayed by the flashing LED Con/Connect.
If the flashing frequency of the LED Con is 3 Hz, the device attempts to log into the portal. When the login is successful, the flashing frequency is reduced to 1.5 Hz.


Revision: V1.2