210902: New firmware 2.10.0

The firmware V2.10.0 for the rsp.mbCONNECT24 systems will be released today.

The version for the mymbCONNECT24.virtual systems will be released shortly

Here are the release notes:

•    [RSP2-665] - [Bug: MB-777] NodeRED dashboardlink opens portal login screen under special circumstances
•    [RSP2-737] - [Bug: MB-801] "Standard VPN Devices" was counted as normal “Device” licenses
•    [RSP2-738] - 2FA at Simply-Connect API wasn’t working
•    [RSP2-748] - LDAP-User import - LDAP not automatically active
•    [RSP2-750] - VNC-Components Port allocation fixed
•    [RSP2-752] – Server FW update optimized
•    [RSP2-753] - Optimization of portal configuration for Device data
•    [RSP2-755] - [Verbesserung: MB-854] Login username validation adjusted
•    [RSP2-761] - [Verbesserung: MB-870] Docker address range adjustable
•    [RSP2-707] - SIMPLY.connect- and APP-API in Libraries / Services outsourced
•    [RSP2-747] – Monitoring optimized
•    [RSP2-754] – Router Firmware Update optimized
•    [RSP2-765] – New Router HW-Version added
•    [RSP2-789] - [RSPSY-17] VMware Tools for .virtual adjusted

•    [RSP2-693] [RSP2-751]  - [Feature: MB-474] New router firmware is now visible and executable at the device list
•    [RSP2-697] - [Feature: MB-819] – Option for automatically changing the VPN port, if the one which is set is closed, added to the router configuration