How can I get the Supportinformation from mbDIALUP?


When you meet a problem with mbDIALUP please consider that, by giving factual information to MB connect line Support Team, you will actually help them to help you.

In this perspective, attaching the mbDIALUP Supportinformation to the email you send to can be really helpful: the person on Support will have all information about what happened (or did not happen).

This document explains HowTo get the Supportinformation.
1. Enable under „Settings“ -> „Options“ the function „activate extended logging for the connection“:

2. Please click on the symbol:

3. At least, select "Create Supportinformationen" to save the Supportinformationen on the computer:


Typ: HowTo Revision: DE-mbconnect24-05-V1.0 Datum: 19.12.2019