mymbCONNECT24.virtual Firmware Update

Question: How can the firmware of my mymbCONNECT24.virtual server be updated?

Answer: Log in to the backend of the system and open the "System > Firmware" menu.

1. By navigating to the tab "Download", new firmware versions can be searched for and be downloaded. The two types are Firmware and Patch

2. Downloaded versions can be activated under the tab "Activate Firmware" or "Activate Patch". This process takes a few minutes.

3.1. Patch: After activating the Patch, no further steps are required. The new firmware version is active immediately

3.2. Firmware: The inactive Boot Bank will be entered automatically in "Activate Firmware on". Keep the both options "Keep system settings" and "Keep account settings" enabled for also taking over your data. After activating the firmware, the boot bank needs to be changed to the one where the activated firmware is displayed under the tab "Current Firmware Status". Choose the respective Boot Bank and confirm by clicking on "Change"

3.2.1. Finalize the process by navigating to "Status > Actions > Restart System" in order to restart the server. The system will boot with the new firmware eventually



From version V2.10.0 the updating process has been optimized in order to make the process faster and more reliable.
In the course of this it has been implemated, that the process as priority 1 takes place in the RAM of the system and the internal hard drive is only used as backup. In the case that the there is not enough space left on both, the following error message appears:

Please increase the RAM size of your virtual machine, where the mymbCONNECT24.virtual system is running and start the updating process again afterwards.

Typ: HowTo Revision: EN-mbconnect24-08-V1.1 Datum: 30.11.2021