How can I login to a locked Windows-PC via VNC / RDP?


If you establish a VNC or RDP connection via Web2Go to a Windows-PC using mbDIALUP you may get confronted with the need of the key combination Strg + Alt + Entf in order to unlock the PC. Sending this key combination to the PC is not possible using Web2Go. To solve this issue, a on-screen keyboard can be displayed.

1. Initial situation

After establishing the Web2Go connection, you may see this screen:

2. Open the menu

For displaying the on-screen keyboard, you have to press the following key combination:

Alt + Strg + Shift

Afterwards, the following menu will appear:

Set the check-mark at "On-screen keyboard" like shown

PS: If you are using a mobile device, just swipe from the left edge to the right in order to display the menu

3. Enter the key combination

You should see the following picture:

Now you are able to enter the Strg + Alt + Entf combination in order to unlock the PC.


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