210225: New Firmware 2.8.0

The firmware V2.8.0 for the rsp.mbCONNECT24 systems  Europe, USA/CAN and Australia will be released today. This version is also used for the mymbCONNECT24.virtual systems


    [RSP2-469] - Internal system adjustments
    [RSP2-651] - Recent language files included
    [RSP2-655] - SIMPLY.connect Security Fixes
    [RSP2-663] - Changelog System adjusted
    [RSP2-675] - Firmware-versions adjusted
    [RSP2-656] - [Verbesserung: MB-775] Device list adjustments


    [RSP2-431] - [Support] BUGS-305 - Add new account not possible if "Subscribe to newsletter" is enabled
    [RSP2-635] - Firewall starting behavior optimized
    [RSP2-636] - Free system space of the system-state is not displayed correctly in the "Status > System" menu
    [RSP2-644] - [Bug: MB-742] Web2go with webcams occasionally not working
    [RSP2-647] - User with "read" rights were able to delete user groups under special circumstances
    [RSP2-664] - [Bug: MB-771] Adjustment Digital-I/O Menü
    [RSP2-513] - [Support] BUGS-315 - Device is occasionally displayed as HW3, but it actually HW4
    [RSP2-640] - [Improvement: MB-641] When duplicating a network component the data server has been ignored
    [RSP2-646] - No possibility to revoke the Systemadministration user group of a Client
    [RSP2-648] - User with the right to "read" Clients were not able to see "all available clients"


    [RSP2-476] - [Feature] FIMA-232 - Reading out the key switch and coding switch as a numeric value
    [RSP2-638] - [Feature: MB-475] Completion of the duplication process of access rights (Clients) when duplicating a router configuration