190725: New Firmware 2.4.2

The firmware V2.4.2 for the public rsp.mbCONNECT24 server Europe, USA/CAN, Australia und China will be released today.

The version for mymbCONNECT24.virtual will be available soon

Find the changelogs here:


  • [RSP2-27] – Sending a HW02 device offline remotely through the portal
  • [RSP2-28] – Network not valid message although the network is valid using LAN routes
  • [RSP2-29] – It wasn´t possible to relocate an already existing device to another project
  • [RSP2-30] – It was not possible to enter address ranges in forwarding rules
  • [RSP2-31] – Device name limited to 35 characters to prevent errors
  • [RSP2-32] - Web2go on camera HTTP port 80 was not working correctly
  • [RSP2-33] – I/O Manager hidden for HW>1 devices
  • [RSP2-34] - [Rokey] Default inactivity timeout of OpenVPN was set to 300, if configuration hasn´t been changed
  • [RSP2-35] - Duplicated entry of „Web2go on device“ in services table of VPN clients detail view
  • [RSP2-36] – [Backend] Account management à Export: In the XLS file, the account type (Basic/Free/Individual) has been added
  • [RSP2-37] - Wrong runtime version in configuration
  • [RSP2-38] – No synchronization process started when changing Multiplex configuration
  • [RSP2-42] – Message after opening a direct URL has been optimized
  • [RSP2-48] - The MPI tags weren´t shown completely in simple view mode
  • [RSP2-50] – Changing dashboard widget chart size wasn´t possible under special circumstances
  • [RSP2-52] – After loading a backup, no devices were shown
  • [RSP2-53] – Conflicting messages after sending a test mail
  • [RSP2-57] – No synchronization after deleting a Multiplex entry
  • [RSP2-59] - Wrong info shown at device dashboard > connections by Systemadministration users
  • [RSP2-65] - [Support] BUGS-54 – Temporary user hasn´t been blocked
  • [RSP2-70] - [Support] BUGS-61 -  Easy view: Change color of header showing “Hide offline devices”
  • [RSP2-71] - [Support] BUGS-67 – The configuration “cloudserver.proxy_skip_certcheck” wasn´t part of the mbSPIDER configuration file
  • [RSP2-73] - Hiding Readable- and Writeable prompt at IoT-Tags
  • [RSP2-78] – [Backend] Error message when adding a VPN port is showing a script output
  • [RSP2-79] - Alarm notification „jumps“ when showing gone alarms
  • [RSP2-83] - [Support] BUGS-75 – Data logging / reports optimized when sending via Scheduler
  • [RSP2-95] - [Support] BUGS-83 - User with „Special rights“ is able to see all user groups
  • [RSP2-96] - Right to access the Scheduler not part of the System administrator group when adding new accounts
  • [RSP2-97] - Connecting the serial / USB services of mbDIALUP to the router via command from RSP (mbNET.rokey)
  • [RSP2-22] - Autoupdate via Taskplaner is now possible
  • [RSP2-24] - Web2Go RDP connection to Windows 10 PC optimized
  • [RSP2-25] - Web2Go on web page of HW02 devices was only possible using the default web port
  • [RSP2-40] - External DSL Modem - no PPP Data
  • [RSP2-41] - Settings when using internetconnection: „External DSL Modem“ weren´t available
  • [RSP2-44] - Rokey: Checkboxes that weren´t needed removed
  • [RSP2-43] - Email "New device firmware versions available" optimized
  • [RSP2-76] - mbNET.rokey timeout of 300 seconds was pushed from the server, this is fixed


  • Simply connect functionality added
  • mbEDGE functionality added
  • [RSP2-21] - Automatic information for mymbCONNECT24 users when new firmware is available
  •  [RSP2-23] – Certain drivers taken out of the official version
  •  [RSP2-26] - Password for admin user for device web page of mbNET/mbSPIDER can now be generated automatically
  • [RSP2-39] - Backend: Workload of hardware / resources can be checked in the backend now
  • [RSP2-47] - Web2go label added to components in simple view
  • [RSP2-54] - Network components can be copied now
  • [RSP2-60] - Diagram Dashboard – displayed number of items increased
  •  [RSP2-63] - Reports: Sent E-Mails from account are now part of the reports
  • [RSP2-67] - I/O Manager available from FW 6.0.7 HW02
  • [RSP2-68] - Portal GDPR/DSGVO contracts
  • [RSP2-75] – Sending E-Mail and SMS per HTTPS request is now possible
  •  [RSP2-77] - [Feature] FIMA-38 - Zeitraum des mbEdge-Starts im Portal visualisieren
  • [RSP2-80] – [Backend] Detailed E-Mail log added
  • [RSP2-81] - [Feature] FIMA-28 APN data for Telekom AT added