191121: New Patch 2.4.4

The patch V2.4.4 for the public rsp.mbCONNECT24 server Europe, USA/CAN, Australia und China as well as for all mymbCONNECT24.virtual versions will be released today.

Find the changelogs here:


    [RSP2-141] - [Support] BUGS-127 - Globals table has "latin1_swedish_ci" as default value and couldn┬┤t be saved in a backup
    [RSP2-177] - Invalid translations in registration mails
    [RSP2-185] - [Support] BUGS-158 - mbNET.rokey - COM1 menu did appear in easy view
    [RSP2-189] - [Support] BUGS-146 - No task information since the last patch
    [RSP2-199] - [Support] BUGS-162 - Login not possible if username == account name
    [RSP2-211] - [Support] BUGS-167 - Public API sends wrong scaled values
    [RSP2-218] - [Support] BUGS-148 - iOS13 Web2Go VNC error fixed
    [RSP2-230] - [Support] BUGS-184 - Web2go connections to Node-RED V1.0.0 fixed
    [RSP2-248] - [Support] BUGS-187 - Widget gauge: Export button cannot be hidden
    [RSP2-254] - Webcam-widget: URL generating faulty


    [RSP2-219] - XLH140 was missing
    [RSP2-232] - [Feature] FIMA-162 - Change from gzip to lrzip for SQL-dumps
    [RSP2-253] - Web2go: URL-handlings and forwardings to websockets fixed