190328: New Firmware 2.4.1

The firmware V2.4.1 for the public rsp.mbCONNECT24 server Europe, USA/CAN, Australia und China will be released today.

The version for mymbCONNECT24.virtual will be available soon

Find the changelogs here:


Bug #2454: Adding a user with less rights created a problem
Bug #2814: Problem when opening the clients menu if a user had no rights
Feature #2902: Scheduler emails will be send with footer now
Bug #3289: Problem with clients fixed
Feature #3575: New dashboard: Active Web2go connections
Feature #3704: Login to device webpage via URL
Bug #3729: Iconpicker error fixed
Bug #3746: Description at network components was not at the right place
Bug #3778: Map view was not working in the "Device list" widget
Bug #3779: Admin user has now access to all components, even if the access is restricted
Bug #3785: Security fix regarding download function
Bug #3786: Security fix regarding web2go sessions
Bug #3798: Order of firewall rules can be changed
Bug #3808: Was not possible to add a description to a widget
Bug #3810: Chart widget optimized
Bug #3811: Backend autoupdate fixes
Bug #3814: Firmware selection error fixed
Bug #3816: No synchronization notification when DHCP Server menu has been changed
Bug #3818: Default value of data point limit at VPN state changed from 1440 to 100
Feature #3821: Backend: Search option added
Bug #3822: Umlauts lead to connection problems when connected with router
Feature #3831: New widget: Pie chart
Bug #3847: Change password notification didn´t disappear completely in simple view
Feature #3873: Activated account licences are shown in the backend
Bug #3876: Error when copying projects fixed
Bug #3880: There were always two decimal places shown in a chart widget
Feature #3884: A new user with 2-factor-authentication is now forced to use it after the first login
Bug #3886: Admin user has now access to all clients
Bug #3887: Connection report problem with connection duration time fixed
Bug #3889: Simple view: Problem while adding a device fixed
Bug #3890: Client menu error fixed
Feature #3896: Added additional options to the "Connect on" option in the router menu
Bug #3900: USBoverIP error message fixed
Bug #3920: Error with a user group setting, with which it was able to see more reports than set, has been fixed
Feature #3915: It´s now possible to search for project numbers with the search functionality
Bug #3925: Confusing error message when trying to interact with a writing widget has been optimized
Bug #3930: Was not possible to enter certain networks in LAN route menu
Feature #3275: Session timeout does not log off anymore when an active VPN connection is established
Bug #3903: Certain mails are empty if a language is chosen, which has no template deposited
Bug #3905: Admin user can now see all reports
Feature #3901: Additional firewall options for mbNET.mini added
Optimization #3934: Loading time of device list optimized