Which IP / Ports must be open for mbCONNECT24 in the firewall?


The industrial router mbNET / mbNET.mini, the data modem mbSPIDER  and the software mbDIALUP  are establishing an outgoing VPN connection via one of the three TCP-ports (80, 443 or 1194) to the portal mbCONNECT24.

As default, the VPN connection will be established via TCP-port 1194. This port must be released for an outgoing TCP connection in the firewall. So, that the devices and the software are able to reach / connect on mbCONNECT24 via the respective TCP-port.

Please note:

With mbCHECK software you can check, which Ports are generally open / closed in the firewall.
Under the following URL you may find mbCHECK for the respective server: https://downloads.mbconnectline.com/
Note on DPI firewalls:

If the firewall used analyses the type of data packets transmitted via an open port. (Deep Packet Inspection),  it should be 
noted that OpenVPN protocols are used to establish the connection and not, for example, HTTP or HTTPS. 

Therefore, OpenVPN or VPN in general may have to be configured separately in the firewall as a permitted technology.

According to the server you are using, the following IP addresses / Domains must be released with the respective TCP-port in the firewall additionaly:


URL: vpn2.mbconnect24.net

V2 / RSP:

URL: rsp-vpn.mbconnect24.net

URL: rsp-vpn.mbconnect24.us

rsp.mbCONNECT24 (ASIA)
URL: rsp.mbconnect24.asia

URL: rsp.au.mbconnect24.net


Revision: V1.1