Why isn´t my mbNET booting?


A mbNET has booted, if LED "Pwr" and "Rdy" lights-up constantly.

If a mbNET is not able to boot, please ensure that the power supply therefore suffices. A mbNET needs 24 Volt and 1,3 Ampere. 

You may find more technical details in the technical data sheet of the deivce here

Furthermore it's important that the mbNET was already configured correctly. Please verify the device type and serial number, which you have possibly configured in the configuration from the portal, too. In most cases it's helpful to load the factory settings. But if you reload the configuration and the device is still showing the same behaviour as before, please contact our Support (support@mbconnectline.de) to ensure a correct device configuration.

If you are contacting our Support Team, it's always helpful for them, if you can tell which LEDs are blinking / on. Based on this information, the Support Team is able to categorize the restriction and can better estimate it.

But if device is not booting anyway (e.g. if LED "Rdy" blinks constantly), you must contact our Support (support@mbconnectline.de) firstly, before you send this device for repair. Only if you have consulted the Support and received and RMA document you are allowed to send a device back to us for repair.

Typ: FAQ Revision: EN-mbconnect24-16-V1.0 Datum: 28.02.2018