Why isn´t my device time refreshing?

Type: FAQ
Date: 13/03/2023
Product: mbNET
Revision: FAQ-DE170004-2

If the time is wrong on the mbNET or if it is not possible to refresh the time, please ensure that:

  • The configured NTP server is reachable via a ping-request generally.
  • The respective NTP server and UDP port 123 (NTP port) is unlocked for the mbNET in the firewall settings on-site.

You can execute a ping-request on the mbNET webinterface under "Status" -> "Diagnostics" in the "Advanced" view:


On the device webinterface at the "Quickstart" under step "3." you can check if the NTP server is reachable:

Reachable = green icon

Not reachable = red icon