mbNET HW:02 & HW:03 - What has changed?

The following modifications and innovations are valid from mbNET HW:02:


1. Access to the web interface of the device can only be done via HTTPS.

2. Individual password (default password) for each device

The default access password for accessing the web interface has been
replaced by an individual device password.
The device password can be found on the back of the device.


3. Galvanic isolation of the I/Os to the device power supply




4. Dual LEDs in the function and status display
For a differentiated display option, we have replaced the LEDs on the
front panel with two-color LEDs.




This mbNET (hardware version HW:02) contains a new firmware version (6.x.x), where some of the existing
functions and hardware features differ from the previous versions (3.7.0, 4.3.0 or 5.0.0).

Downgrading to a lower firmware version <6.0.0
is NOT possible.



The note on the hardware version of your mbNET can be found
on the device nameplate.





For more information about changes and innovations regarding the mbNET HW:02 in connection with the
firmware V6, please refer to our download portal at www.mbconnectline.com



From mbNET HW:03 the following modifications and innovations are valid additionally:


1. The memory (RAM) of the mbNET was extended to 512 MB.

This allows the usage of the optional mbEDGE functions.

2. The position of the LAN ports was improved.

Larger distance between the sockets allows the usage of various connector types.