How do I setup a connection to a serial device which is connected to the serial port of a mbNET device

I am using a serial 3G-modem to connect to create a call-in connection to a serial device. As 3G is becoming obsolete I want to replace this serial modem with a mbNET with a serial interface.



We can setup a call-in connection using our RSP to a serial device connected to the serial interface of a mbNET device like the mbNET MDH811 or MDH831.

 In this example we use a mbNET MDH831 which will connect to a serial device. We will use the ATD-command to set the serial device into configuration mode.


The serial interface of both the serial device as well as the MDH831 use the following configuration:

8 data bits, no Party, 1 stop bit and running at 9600BD.


We assume that you have a working account on one of our RSP-servers and already installed mbDIALUP. We also assume that you crated a project and added the mbNET to your project.


Step 1: Open mbDIALUP and check that the Virtual Com Ports are enabled as they are disabled by default.

  • Please start mbDIALUP.
  • Select the tool-icon.
  • Select virtual Com Port Settings.
  • Deselect the inactive checkbox of the com ports that you want to use and click on the OK-field.


See the picture below where I activated COM1 and left the configuration setting as default.


Step2: Configure the MDH831 serial interface.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Select the MDH831 configuration (red name text).
  • Select the Gearbox-icon. You should see the image below.

  • Select the Com1 Edit-icon.
  • Select from the drop-down list “Driver Type” the option “User Settings”
  • Set the Baud rate to 9600
  • Select from the “Dataformat” drop-down menu the option “8 Databits, None Parity, 1 Stopbit”
  • Check that the “Lock” checkbox is unchecked.
  • We leave to other settings to their default settings.

(See the image below)

  • Click on the “Save” button to store the configuration.

Step 3: select the active connection icon (flash-icon on the top right side of the webpage).

This will create the virtual comports. The green COM1 >>VCOM5 will turn yellow and now you are able to connect to the serial device connected to hardware interface COM1 of the mbNET MDH831.

Step 4: Open a serial terminal program like RealTerm and connect to COM5.

Entering the string ATD0.0.0.0 will force the serial device connected to COM1 interface into so called monitoring mode, which is confirmed by the serial device by sending the prompt characters “0>”

We now establiched a secure data connection to our serial device.